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Can-Am SXS Lights & Accessories

Illuminate your off-road adventures with our wide selection of Can-Am SXS lights and accessories. Designed to enhance visibility and safety, our Can-Am SXS lights offer powerful illumination in various conditions. Choose from LED light bars, spotlights, and fog lights to light up the trail ahead. Our Can-Am SXS light accessories include mounting brackets, wiring harnesses, and switches for easy installation and operation. Additionally, we offer a range of other accessories to enhance your Can-Am SXS, such as roof racks, windshields, and winches. Whether you're riding at night or exploring challenging terrains, our Can-Am SXS lights and accessories provide the functionality and durability you need. Shop our selection today and equip your Can-Am SXS for unmatched performance and adventure.
RAM† LED Spotlight sku: 710005423 $179.99 CAD
Light Power Cable sku: 715007275 $149.99 CAD
Light Rack for Cage or for Roofs / Black sku: 715001686 $359.99 CAD
Light Rack for Cage or for Roofs / Silver sku: 715001094 $359.99 CAD
Baja Designs Squadron Sport LED Lights sku: 710006820 $379.99 CAD
Baja Designs XL Sport LED Lights sku: 710006821 $629.99 CAD
4 in. (10 cm) Round LED Lights (2 x 25W) sku: 715002935 $579.99 CAD
Baja Designs XL80 LED Lights sku: 710005041 $1,259.99 CAD
Baja Designs Light Power Cable sku: 715002884 $90.99 CAD
Light Mounting Kit sku: 715001713 $144.99 CAD
Light Mounting Kit sku: 715001366 $149.99 CAD
Light Mounting Kit for LED Light Bar sku: 715002175 $239.99 CAD
Light Kit Power Cable sku: 715006034 $59.99 CAD
Light Kit Power Cable sku: 715002454 $59.99 CAD
Light Power Cable sku: 715002036 $53.99 CAD
Light Power Cable sku: 715003417 $70.99 CAD
Rear Lights Power Cable sku: 715004910 $70.99 CAD
Light Power Cable sku: 715003670 $70.99 CAD
Light Bar Support sku: 715006226 $184.99 CAD
Roof Power Cable sku: 715003094 $64.99 CAD
LED Signature Lights sku: 715006896 $299.99 CAD
Chase Lights sku: 715002887 $899.99 CAD
Lonestar Racing Light Rack sku: 715003948 $459.99 CAD
3.5″ (9 cm) LED Flood Lights (2 x 14 W) sku: 715003665 $299.99 CAD
Can-Am LED signature Lights sku: 715003673 $299.99 CAD
Roof Tail Light sku: 715003668 $279.99 CAD
LED Headlights Assembly sku: 715003667 $1,039.99 CAD
Rear Cargo Light sku: 715007077 $209.99 CAD
Dome Light sku: 715002455 $104.99 CAD
Light Support Bar sku: 715003529 $299.99 CAD