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Sea-Doo Audio & Electronic

Keep the party going on and off the water with BRP’s range of personal watercraft audio systems and accessories. Our Audio-Premium System has powerful speakers for ultimate sound clarity, and our Audio-Portable System with Bluetooth connectivity is fully submersible and removable so you can ride the waves listening to your favorite tunes and take it with you afterwards. Chill beachside or on the water with marine audio accessories that elevate your sound experience!
BRP Audio-Portable System Support Base sku: 295101051 $96.99 CAD
BRP Audio-Premium System sku: 295100711 $1,499.99 CAD
USB Port sku: 295100710 $159.99 CAD
12-Volt Outlet and Installation Kit sku: 295100577 $79.99 CAD
12-Volt Outlet and Installation Kit sku: 295100675 $73.99 CAD
Secondary Battery Harness Kit sku: 295100991 $339.99 CAD
Wiring Harness sku: 278003823 $104.99 CAD
Wiring Harness sku: 278003491 $104.99 CAD
Electric Connection Kit sku: 295100599 $139.99 CAD
Wiring Harness sku: 278003490 $104.99 CAD
Front Deflector Replacement Lid sku: 295100870 $55.99 CAD