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100% Ridefit Max black/yellow motor gloves


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Gloves 100% Ridefit Max are stylish and bright design in black and yellow, made of the best, very light synthetic materials and provide a high level of comfort. They are designed to travel in hot weather, provide good ventilation and effectively remove moisture. They can be used when practicing freestyle, Enduro, motocross, popular among cyclists.




  • The material for the palm of motor gloves 100% Ridefit Max is Clarino – a single-layer, perforated fabric that contributes to excellent ventilation and comfortable in that it practically does not form folds during the ride.
  • Branded cuffs Airprene do not interfere with air exchange and tightly fit the brush.
  • For comfort and reduce vibration loads while riding in the thumb area there is a special insert of soft foam 3mm thick.
  • Original TPR Velcro closure. Provides a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Mesh hygroscopic material on the back side freely passes air.
  • On the inside of the palm and index finger are stylized silicone pads for better grip with the controls.