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All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser / 22 fl. oz. / 650 ml


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DESCRIPTION Marine All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser works above and below deck to remove surface stains, to remove and prevent yellowing, clean mold and eliminate odors on all surfaces. Quickly removes stubborn grease and oil build-up on motors and drives. Safe and effective to use on vinyl, fiberglass, gelcoat, canvas, non-skid, rubber, plastic and more. Removes waterline marks, fish blood, and food stains with ease. HOW TO USE Spray product directly on surface, use a soft brush for stubborn dirt, wipe off with a dry or wet cloth. Rinse with water if needed. RECOMMENDATIONS Never use on hot or warm surfaces. Always test for compatibility on hidden area before applying to the entire surface. Do not allow product to dry on any surface. Avoid using this product on the instrument panel. HOT TIPS For best results, apply product and rinse with hot water to maximize product activation. Treating clean surfaces with XPS Marine Vinyl & Plastic UV Protectant will further enhance watercraft protection. For light dirt and delicate surfaces, dilute the product in a 1:10 product to water proportion. Cleans toughest dirt and grime, black streaks, mold and mildew Phosphate free eco-friendly formula Safe on all boat surfaces Low foam easy rinse formula