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All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser / 2 QT / 1890 ml


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DESCRIPTION All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser is specially designed to remove stubborn dirt, mud, exhaust stains, grease and grime from all components. Use it on tires, rims, engine, suspension, drive line, chain and brakes to remove residue from contaminants and brake dust safely and quickly. The eco- friendly phosphate free formula is safe for metal, painted surfaces, aluminum, chrome and plastics. Works on the toughest stains including waterproof grease, oil, chain lubes and chain waxes. HOW TO USE Spray product directly on dirt and grime, leave for 30 seconds, then rub lightly with a clean microfibre cloth, wet cleaning mitt or a soft brush. Rinse immediately with plenty of water. RECOMMENDATIONS Never use on hot or warm surfaces. Always test for compatibility on hidden area before applying to the entire surface. Do not allow product to dry on any surface. HOT TIPS For best results, apply product and rinse with hot water to maximize product activation. For light dirt and delicate surfaces, dilute the product in a 1:10 product to water proportion. Cleans toughest dirt and road grime Phosphate free, eco-friendly formula Safe for most surfaces Low foam easy rinse formula Effective on road grime, grease, oil and residue including brake dust