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Bodyboard (91 cm)


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The 91 cm Sea-Doo Bodyboard is a natural go-to for young children and beginners looking to shorten the learning curve to catching waves comfortably and confidently. Features like the rear channels and crescent tail design are appreciated for the excellent control, greater maneuverability and overall stability they provide in all wave conditions. Rider comfort is enhanced by the XPE deck construction, and the EPS core makes this recreational board lightweight, durable and buoyant. For ages 5 and up.

  • Sea-Doo Bodyboard 91 cm
  • Full-sized slick-bottom recreational board ideal for beginners looking to catch their first waves for that perfect day at the beach
  • Features an EPS core which makes the board lightweight, durable and buoyant
  • XPE deck construction amps up rider comfort and resistance to wear for longer lasting use
  • HDPE bottom provides a smooth hydrodynamic surface for generating more speed, while the rear channels and crescent tail design dispense excellent control and more maneuverability in all wave conditions
  • Includes a leash-equipped neoprene wrist strap that attaches to the bodyboard
  • Silkscreened printed logo
  • Length: 91 cm
  • For ages 5 and up