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Can-Am ProMount Flex2 60 in. (152 cm) Blade


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Open the road or your driveway anytime you want with the Can-Am Pro Mount Plow Blade. Made with tough materials, the plow can withstand accidental impact and was designed to swivel left and right for better maneuverability. Install it in minutes and turn your ATV into a versatile winter snow plow. Don’t let snowfall stop you this winter! Plow blade made of UHMWPE, flexible and impact absorbing material prevents damaging your plow when accidental impact occurs. Replacable wear blade. Large pin designed for easy blade rotation to eliminate snow buildup at pivot point. Blade design provides best snow roll-off at any angle. Clears 54" (137 cm) when plow is fully angled. Blade height of 17" (43 cm). Compatible with Can-Am ProMount Blade accessories to further enhance plow versatility. G2, G2L, G2S, Maverick Trail, Maverick Sport, Maverick Sport MAX