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LinQ Lite Ventilated Bag


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Make sure you've brought everything with you for your next adventure on the water. The LinQ Lite Ventilated Bag offers your ride some extra room up to 32 L (8.5 gal.) . This breathable bag lets you store wet towels or life jackets. In a pinch? You can even use this to discard waste. 32 L (8.5 gal.) of UV resistant storage. Maximizes floor space by conveniently storing anywhere along perimeter railing or seat corner backrest. Toolless install with push or pull thanks to LinQ Lite clip-in system. Magnetic top closure enables quick access for frequent items, plus two water bottle side pockets. Retractable net can be kept closed when not in use. Requires LinQ Lite Holder for rail (295101002) for installation on the railing. Installation on the Seat Corner Backrest requires LinQ Lite Holder for backrest (295101044) when not standard on the vehicle.