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Ski-Doo Oxygen Carbon Helmet (DOT)


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Size: S
Colour: Black

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Packed with features and built for comfort, the Ski-Doo Oxygen Carbon Helmet (DOT) is the lightest Oxygen Helmet yet and a must-have for your next ride.

Safety and comfort combine in a high-tech, feature-rich package in the Ski-Doo Oxygen Carbon Helmet. This DOT-certified helmet is built with a lightweight M-FORGE carbon composite shell in two sizes for a better, more comfortable fit. When visibility is key, the maskless experience offers an unobstructed panoramic field of vision, while anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses let you see clearly. Adjustable humidity extractor vents offer further protection against fogging, while an amplified heated visor and retractable amber sun visor help keep your sight lines clear regardless of the conditions. The Oxygen Carbon Helmet also boasts noise-reducing technology, an optional front LED and battery-free rear LED, and it’s ready to receive a communication system so you can stay in touch with your fellow riders. All these features and more are designed to be operated with gloved hands so you have all the control you need without having to risk cold-weather exposure.

The Carbon Skidoo Oxygen helmet is a premium version of Skidoo's top-of-the-line snowmobile helmet. The helmet is constructed from a combination of carbon fiber and other lightweight, high-impact materials. The use of carbon fiber in its construction makes this helmet even more lightweight and durable than the standard Oxygen helmet, providing maximum protection for the rider.

The helmet features the same built-in ventilation system that allows for the circulation of fresh air, helping to prevent the buildup of moisture and keep the rider comfortable during extended rides.

Safety-wise, the Carbon Skidoo Oxygen helmet meets the same industry standards as the standard Oxygen helmet and has the same durable, scratch-resistant visor that offers excellent visibility and is easy to operate. It also has the quick-release buckle for easy on and off without losing the secure fit.

In summary, the Carbon Skidoo Oxygen helmet is an exceptional choice for riders who want a top-of-the-line helmet that offers the ultimate in comfort, safety, and performance. It's designed for competitive and recreational snowmobile riders who demand the best of the best and are willing to invest in the latest technology and materials.


• 4-year limited warranty • Lightweight CARBON M-FORGE® Composite shell • Sun visor heated chamber • Amplified heated visor with pivot contact system • Retractable amber sun visor • Prescription eyeglasses friendly • Adjustable humidity extractor vents • Unobstructed panoramic field of vision for an incredible maskless riding experience • Durable anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings • NCS System: Reduces noise • Robust detents allow precise opening adjustments for airflow • Optional front LED utility light • Large neck skirt with vent • Rear removable curtain • Lightweight battery-free rear LED light for added rider safety • eLinQ rear magnet connector • Unique remote control with visor heat indicators • Offered with amber sun visor for best vision in snow conditions • Ready to receive communication system • All features operable with gloved hands • Two shell sizes for better fit and comfort • Ratcheting quick-release chin strap • Recyclable helmet shell for minimal environmental impact • Aerodynamic shape to reduce neck fatigue • 1750g ± for size large • DOT certified