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Spray Wax With Polymer


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Spray Wax with Polymer uses a nanotechnology approach
combining polymers and carnauba wax to get superior surface
penetration and adhesion that shines and protects better
than other waxes. This premium product is perfect for paint,
plastics and polycarbonate to get an express shine that offers
a long-lasting protective barrier from the elements including
the sun’s UV rays. Can be applied on mouldings, windshields
and headlights also. Perfect for use between washes and
waxes, it’s safe to use even in direct sunlight.


Spray directly on paint, plastic and polycarbonate surfaces
and allow to dry for a few seconds before wiping with a clean
and dry microfiber cloth.


Always test for compatibility or discoloration on hidden area
before applying to the entire surface. Vehicle must be clean
and free from any dirt that could damage surfaces. This
product can be used in direct sunlight as long as surfaces are
not hot. Do not apply on decals.


  • For added durability, allow the product to dry on the surfaces up to 2
    minutes before wiping.