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Our Ski-Doo snowmobile ice scratchers and snowflaps are designed to increase the cooling efficiency of your snowmobile in hard and icy conditions. These accessories have become essential add-ons as cheap insurance to keep your machine running cool in low snow conditions. They are also a practical and cool way of customizing the look of your sled.
Ski-Doo New OEM Snow Guard, 520001481 sku: 520001481 $124.99 CAD
Snowflap / Black / Yellow sku: 860200106 $119.99 CAD
LinQ Removable Snowflap sku: 860201914 $179.99 CAD
Rail Ice Scratchers sku: 860201728 $134.99 CAD
Snowflap / Black / Grey sku: 860200467 $119.99 CAD
Ice Scratchers Tips sku: 860201446 $55.99 CAD
Summit Expert Snowflap sku: 860202393 $179.99 CAD